Our company.

Our vision.

At BookJane, we believe that a human being's greatest potential becomes unlocked when we do the work that we love.

We connect thousands of professional workers to the work they love to do.

We utilize our breakthrough technology to unlock human potential with ease and simplicity

Our story.

We began our journey in 2016 as a provider for on-demand in-home child care. With a small team, we transitioned from serving consumers to serving businesses. Today, BookJane is proud to work with some of the world's largest health care, child care and services provider companies.

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Management team

Curtis khan@2x 79282424b56bbaba5d179765ff6b2510af9dd69f9e0339a5fd55b372a9418605
Curtis Khan
CEO & Founder
Thang trinh@2x a308a5d1895fa540797625c3918b0c6a1ec6d449b03886178bd25bb80783c53b
Thang Trinh
Mike li@2x 8dab714aa658ceb62a08030215009bb8ad7aed2fa079259be55ccc6d954e87c3
Michael Li
VP, Operations
Phil jun@2x b014daa7b6c47e68129f83906b3e68aaf7372017af746e49189ed3ef933dd9fd
Philip Jun
Sr Director, Technology & innovation
Chris palazzo@2x 84644eeefe3ab10934768bd0b8ce6b80f60638ab1cb4bf858e78567ca5b1b70d
Christopher Palazzo
Director of Marketing