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Why work with our technology?
Unprecedented access.

BookJane works with employment agencies so you can give your workers access to BookJane’s vast network of available jobs. Continuous access to quality jobs allows your agency to retain your pool of high-performing workers.

Our technology sources the jobs.

Finding work is never easy, which is why BookJane's technology sources all the jobs available for your Agency’s staff.

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Retain staff & increase revenue.

Reduce turnover and boost your retention rates by giving your workers access to more of the jobs they want, all while increasing your revenue.

Best part? Your workers remain part of your agency; BookJane does not require your workers to join us.

It's a win-win.

The support you need.

From creating a shift, to managing canceled shifts, BookJane provides support for the entire shift fulfillment process. That's the end—to—end support we pride ourselves on.

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Plug n' work.

Gaining access to BookJane’s vast pool of available jobs has never been easier!

Your workers will create a profile on BookJane’s app. From there, each worker will be able to browse through all available jobs, view shift details, and accept the jobs they want, straight from their phone.

That’s a level of ease and simplicity that can’t be matched.

Partner with BookJane