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Placing people. Driving growth.

The Care Industry needs workers. Your Agency has them. BookJane connects your team to thousands of shifts which helps you grow your revenue.

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Empower your team.
Retain your talent.

Access more hours & flexibility to work when you want

Worker turnover is a direct result of not having enough available work for your team members. Let BookJane help you retain your talent by allowing them to access additional work whenever they want it.

BookJane instantaneously matches workers with shifts based on set criteria and empowers workers to select their shift via the BookJane App. This promotes efficiencies, simplifies the fulfillment process, and keeps both your talent—and customers — happy.

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Maximize opportunity.

When opportunity knocks are you ready to answer?

BookJane's award-winning platform will efficiently schedule your workforce, maximize its potential, and increase your business opportunities. It connects you with thousands of shifts across the Care Industry. BookJane's network of partners is extensive, and the platform unites them all.

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Grow your revenue with ease.

Quick & easy on-boarding

With a simple registration process and automated on-boarding for your team members, your ability to access a new revenue stream is only a few clicks away.

Your team members register on the BookJane app under your agency.

Use the BookJane platform to help streamline your operations, reduce your costs, and expand your customer base through the BookJane partner network.

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Thousands of jobs available.

Unprecedented access.
Grant your team members access to the BookJane network of available jobs. With thousands of jobs available, your members can find the work that they want, when they want on a platform unlike any other.

We source the jobs.
With over 700+ care communities across North America, BookJane sources all the jobs that are openly available on the platform.

Flexibility & choice.

Retain Your Team Members
Many of your Team Members work at multiple jobs to ensure they have sufficient work. Keep them at your Agency by providing more opportunities for them to work.

Set their own schedules
All of your team members are able to browse & select the vast amount of jobs on the BookJane network via the BookJane app for caregivers. Empower your team members to choose the jobs they want.

No more waiting for available work.
With the BookJane mobile app, your team members have the ability to see all relevant and available jobs in one place. No longer do they have to wait by the phone for their agency to reach out to them for available jobs.

Reduce operational stress.

Reduce your business development efforts.
By allowing your team members to self-select the jobs they want, your agency no longer has to manually place each team member to a job.

With BookJane sourcing all the jobs, you no longer have to worry about finding available work for your team members.

You have full control.
You control which of your Team Members can have access to the BookJane app.

Understand your data.

Get actionable insights
Get in-depth analytics on your shifts: your team members’ acceptance rate & overall revenue to help you monitor your progress

Plug & work.

Onboard Team Members.
Easily onboard your team members by granting them access to the BookJane app; all team members will register with BookJane under your agency.

Book shifts on behalf of your clients.
It’s easy to bring your own clients onto BookJane. You can create shifts for your clients and send the shifts exclusively to your own team members all on the BookJane app.

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