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Manage your workforce with ease.

Whether you're a local or national Care provider with a workforce in the thousands, or a Staffing Agency helping facilities in your area fill their shifts, the BookJane platform can help you organize your workforce, put your people to work, and reduce your operating costs.

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A network of care.

Creating your own gig-economy.

BookJane's platform allows you to build your own external gig-economy; a network comprising of your own Team Members who are now able to browse and select the jobs they want. all from their mobile device on the BookJane app.

BookJane's technology promotes efficiencies, simplifies the fulfillment process, and keeps both your talent and customers, happy.

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BookJane delivers real savings.

Reduce your costs across your entire operation.

BookJane's award-winning platform drives 80-90% shift fulfillment through automation and empowering your Team Members. Wth higher fulfillment rates. BookJane's solution delivers less overtime costs, lower Agency usage and dramatically reduces your administration time.

Average Savings and Efficiencies

40.8 %*
Increase internal
staff shift fulfillment
81.2 %*
Decrease in use
of external staff
10 K
Savings per month,
per location
*Based on actual average client savings of up to $10,000 per location per month.

Take the stress out of running your operations

No spreadsheets. No phone calls. Just pure administrative bliss.

Create a shift request in just seconds and have that shift available to your members based on seniority call-out or open to all simultaneously. Experience 70% shift fulfillment in under 30 minutes and a 90% fulfillment overall. No more phone calls, no more seniority tracking. The BookJane platform automates the entire call-out process, so you can focus on what matters — delivering better care.

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The BookJane Tour

  • On Demand Callout
  • Empower Your Team
  • Easy of Use
  • Data Analytics
  • Integration

No spreadsheets. No phone calls.

One solution to fill shift.
One online platform to more efficiently fill all of your open shifts. Create & fill shifts at your convenience, when needed.

Better utilize your part-time & casual staff
Allow your part-time & casual staff to access more shifts by allowing them to view and accept available jobs right from their mobile phones. No more wasting time with manual call-outs, just input a shift online and watch it get filled in minutes.

BookJane’s callout algorithm adheres to your facility’s collective bargaining agreements. Once you input a shift, BookJane’s technology will send out that shift to your team members based upon their seniority.

Flexibility & Choice.

Set their own schedules
Engage your team members to browse and select the jobs they want, on their own time.

No more waiting for available work.
With the BookJane mobile app, your team members have the ability to see all relevant and available jobs in one place. No longer do they have to wait by the phone for a scheduler to offer a shift

Share team members
Allow team members from your other locations to browse & accept jobs across your entire organization all from the BookJane app. More available hours allows for more engaged workers.

Reduce administrative stress.

Easy to adopt
With a simple and easy to navigate interface, you can create a shift request with a few clicks and your team members can accept your shifts through their mobile device on the BookJane app with just one tap.

Easily set your teams’ schedule in advance & have their shifts show directly on your team members’ mobile device.

Automated fulfillment
Simply create the shifts you need and let BookJane’s technology take care of the rest. Reduce your daily administrative time by over 80% & devote more time towards delivering better care.

Understand your data

Actionable insights
Get in-depth analytics on your shifts; know in real-time your shift fulfillment rates, which shifts are accepted or still pending & your overtime costs all from one, easy to view Dashboard.

Macro to Micro in one view.
See key metrics from either a department level, or all the way up to a company-wide consolidated view regardless of how many facilities are in your corporate group.

Real-time trending.
See how your key metrics are trending at each level of the organization and allow you to take corrective actions as required.

Streamlined technology

One platform
Our platform’s open API allows us to integrate your existing systems to streamline your operational efforts.

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