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The solution designed to fill your unfulfilled shifts quickly and easily.

Powered by the BookJane J360 platform, BookJane Essentials gives you access to thousands of professional care & service workers to help you fill your unfulfilled shifts in just minutes.

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Quality care,
at your fingertips.

With BookJane Essentials, you’ll have access to a vast network of professional care & service workers. Each of the Janes are fully-vetted and undergo training to ensure the highest level of quality, all from day one.

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A platform built for you.

BookJane Essentials gives you access to the BookJane J360 platform where you can create a shift in just seconds and you can have it filled within minutes.

The platform is designed specifically for your needs, browse and request a specific Jane, easily communicate with a Jane straight from the platform and easily view your calendar.

Best part? No-cost to use.

BookJane Essentials is free for all customers to use.

No more wasted time spent on manual calls to fill your absent shifts. BookJane Essentials gives you access to thousands of professional care & service workers to fill your absent shift in just minutes, at no cost.

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Is BookJane Essentials right for you? Compare with BookJane Premium, a more robust technology solution designed to answer all of your organization's toughest staffing challenges.

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Shift fulfillment,
within minutes.

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