J360 for Healthcare Facilities

Our J360 Platform removes the stress of absenteeism and inconsistent staffing levels at your facility. Within a few clicks, you have instant access to all of your part-time and casual staff, staff from nearby care facilities and when necessary, staffing agencies. J360 facilitates stress-free shift fulfillment in minutes and allow your team to focus on value-added activities.

Sharing Employees

J360 allows you to pool qualified employees with other respected health care operators ensuring schedules are kept and the standard of care is consistent. J360 also provides more shift opportunities for your part-time and casual pools, dramatically increasing retention and reducing the high cost of recruitment and training.

Amica Mature Lifestyles

Amica was experiencing low fulfilment rates on shift cancellations and saw high turnover with its part-time and casual labour pools. Scheduling for a shift cancellation was 2-3 hours of manual effort. With J360, staff are now shared between its locations and shifts are filled in minutes. Fulfillment rates are up and overtime and use of agencies are declining.